January 2018



Built in 1962

classic hair vacuumThe Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer store was originally built in 1959. Three years later in 1962 the stores surrounding the store were built. This includes the barbershop that was later named Swede's. There have been three owners of Swede's since that day. The first owner is a bit of a mystery, he owned it for only 3 months before selling it to Harlow "Swede" Luckenson.


countertopHarlow "Swede" Luckenson owned and worked at the barber shop for 28 years. In his time the surrounding shops were changed and remodeled. The Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer store was remodeled in 1968 and 1988 under Harlow's watchful eye. Harlow was a traditionalist and believed in the quality of his work and his equipment. Swede's still has all of the original equipment from the 1962 opening, only the facade has been changed. When you come in you can see the original barber chairs, hair vacuums, and seating arrangement.


clippersIn 1990 Harlow retired and sold the barbershop to George Alfsen the current owner. At the time George took over the running of Swede's Barber Shop, he had been working as a barber for 37 years. With his experience and respect for tradition, George opted to maintain as much of the shops original equipment as was possible in order to maintain the traditional barbershop feel.

Today those traditions continue in both the quality of the haircuts and the easy going atmosphere. Whether you are bringing your son in for their first haircut, or are one of our valued repeat customers, you will get the service that comes from years of experience.