January 2018


Services at Swede's

Hair Cuts

No appointment needed, just walk in and walk out with a great hair cut. Swede's is an old fashion barbershop, that believes you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for great hair. All of our barbers have more that 10 years experience, and with that experience comes the assurance that you'll end up with a great cut. All of our haircuts end with a hot shaving foam and straight razor shave of the hair line.

Beard Trim

Are you getting a little shaggy and need to clean up that beard? Try our Haircut / Beard trim combo. Walk out looking like a new man. Our professional barbers will have you looking sharp in no time. We trim beards of any size and shape. Get your beard professional crafted to look its best.

Grooming Tips

Getting a close shave is a great feeling. Here are a couple of tips for a clean close shave.

First you need to prep your face for shaving. This is very important, and is often overlooked by many in the shaving process. For a great shave you need to open the pores, as well as clean and soften the skin. A simple way to do this is to wait till after a hot shower, when you skin is warm and the stubble is softer. This is the same reason hot towels can be used if you don't have time for a shower. Some people recommend pre shave oil, but it is not necessary for a close shave.

The shaving cream you use is important. Look for a glycerine based cream, as these will not stiffen your stubble and tighten your pores. I would avoid creams with menthol which has the opposite effect. For the best results use a shaving brush to apply the cream. This will help lift the beard and gently exfoliate the skin. With a little hot water on the brush before hand, you can have that hot foam shaved feeling at home.

I cannot emphasize this enough, always use a sharp razor. Using a dull razor when you shave is one of the leading causes of ingrown hairs and razor burn. With the shaving cream applied, pull the skin tight with your free hand and let the razor glide across your face with the grain. Always with the grain at first. If you want an extra close shave you can lightly go against the grain afterwards, but this is not necessary for everyday shaving. When finished, rinse with cold water to close the pores. Never use alcohol base aftershave products. They can dry your skin initially and leave you with an oily face later in the day as you skin compensates for the dryness. If you choose to use an aftershave try a good moisturizing aftershave balm.

If your looking for something more traditional you can look into shaving with a straight razor. This was the most common men's razor until the 1950s when safety razors became widely available. It will give you a lot of control, but it takes some practice. This is what our barbers use to clean up the neck line after each haircut. If your looking for a starter kit you can check out Excalibur Cutlery. For tips on how to do this correctly check out Badger & Blade a forum for straight razor enthusiasts.